How can we help you?


  • Q. How do I purchase a power card?

  • A. You can purchase a powercard from the cash counters at the store.
  • Q. How much can I recharge my power card every time I visit?
  • A. You can recharge your power card for any amount you like at our cash counters at the store. We have a few powercard packages which will give you extra credit for the purchase.
  • Q. Do any charges apply when I want to register my powercard.
  • A. No charges apply, registering your powercard is complimentary and we recommend this process so that your balance is secure if you lose or misplace your card. We will offer a new card with your balance updated. Please note new powercards are charged Rs 20.
  • Q. I have lost my powercard and it is loaded with around Rs 1000 and has around 1700 tickets. What do I do?
  • A. Is your powercard registered with Fun City? If yes, then you an visit any outlet, provide your details and they will give you a new card. We highly recommend registering your powercard so that your balance is safe.
  • Q. Can we reload our powercards with the tickets we have won?
  • A. Unfortunately, while we cannot reload powercards with the value of tickets won, you can exchange them for some very exciting prizes at our redemption counters.
  • Q. I bought a powercard at Tridom. Can I use it at Fun City?
  • A. Yes, you can use any powercard purchased in Tridom at any other Fun City outlet. 
  • Q. I have created an account but cannot link my Tridom Powercard.
  • A. Let’s look into that matter, drop in an email at info@funcityindia.com and one of our service agents will guide you through the process. If there seems to be a technical issue, our service agents will forward the concern to our technical department and get back to you within 48 hours.
  • Q. Can I transfer my cash from one card to another?
  • A. Yes, this is only possible at store level at the moment. Please visit any of our stores with all powercard’s with cash balance and kindly instruct our staff on which powercard this should be all added to.
  • Q. I have purchased a new powercard online. Is there a validity timeline to use the powercard?
  • A. As mentioned in the terms and conditions, the newly purchased powercard is valid for 11 months from the time of purchase or last use, whichever is recent.
  • Q. Does the eleven-month credit policy start from the first swipe or transaction day?
  • A. The eleven-month credit policy is valid from the date of the transaction or last use, whichever is recent.


  • Q. I would like to know how to win points and tickets. I see so many of your customers with bags full of tickets, however, even though I loaded and played so much, I only got one roll. Why is that?
    A. You just have to keep playing and keep trying. There are a variety of ticket games you can play. Kindly ask the staff at Fun City to show them to you and we are sure you will soon also have bags full of tickets.
  • Q. What is to be done with the redemption tickets after they are won?
  • A. After winning tickets from all the games, they can be exchanged for some exciting gifts from the Redemption Counter. Kindly insert all tickets to the ticket-eating machine, swipe your powercard to credit ticket to your powercard and head over to the redemption counter.


  • Q. How will GST apply to Tridom products and services?
  • A. GST will be applicable on all purchases, except on our Powercard Packages where all taxes and fun are included. 
  • Q. Will GST be charged on Powercard Packages?
  • A. No, taxes and fun are inclusive on all powercard packages.   
  • Q. Will I be charged GST on tickets used for redemption?
  • A. No, GST is charged only on transactions at the cash counter that involve money collected. This does not include redemption of tickets for prizes.

Play Zone

  • Q. How can you be sure that my child will be safe even though I am inside the play area, or how can I ensure my child's safety even if I’m inside as I cannot follow my child all over?
  • A. We understand how important your child’s safety means to you, it’s equally important to us as well. Please note that our play areas had have been designed specially keeping your little ones and their safety in mind so you can be assured that they will be safe and well taken care of even if you can’t accompany them all the way inside.
  • Q. Why can’t the staff accompany my kids on the rides and inside the play area? 
  • A. For the rides, our staff can accompany the child if the parents do not meet the requirement as long as the staff also meet the requirement. For the play area, we assigned staff mainly to monitor the play area and to manage the guest IN/OUT to ensure the safety of everyone.
  • Q. Why can’t adults go with more than 2 kids in the play area?
  • A. This is to ensure that the kids are well attended by their parents/guardian.
  • Q. Why aren’t food and drinks allowed in the play area?
  • A. Because we care about your health and safety, we ensure that we maintain the play area free from any food debris/spill that may not be safe to your kid/s and may cause sickness and injury (due to spill of any liquid drinks)
  • Q. Why can’t kids taller than 157 cm enter but adults can. Is it not dangerous?
  • A. Play area structure was designed for kid/s with the maximum height of 157cm for them to enjoy all facilities, elements, and attractions. Our main objective is for them to enjoy and bring memorable experience. Adults, are with them only to supervised at all times.
  • Q.Why aren’t kids who are older in age, example 5 years not allowed in the play zone because of their height.
  • A. We are accepting kids according to their height, not by their age. Play area structure was designed for kid/s with the maximum height of 157cm for them to enjoy all facilities, elements, and attractions. Our main objective is for them to enjoy and bring memorable experience.
  • Q. Why can’t I use more than 2 play area vouchers when I have them if I have 3 children.
  • A. 1 voucher per child, no limit as long as they have the voucher.

Rides & Games

  • Q. What are the blue swiper games?
  • A. All the video games at Fun City have swipers where you use your powercard to play. Some of them are blue in color - these are mainly some of the big rides, kiddie rides, and video games. Ticket games are not included in the blue swiper games.
  • Q. Why am I needed to sit in the rides with my children, it already has belts and safety bars for the kids. How can you ensure my child is safe when I ride with him/her?
  • A. All our rides and games have been designed keeping your child’s safety in mind, so once all the safety measures have been taken and safety checks are done by our staff, you can be assured that your child will have a safe and enjoyable experience. Aside from the safety, your presence will give more comfort to your child that helps them to enjoy the ride.
  • Q. If something happens when the ride is in motion what can the adult do if they are accompanying the kid?
  • A. All our rides have been designed specifically keeping a child’s safety as our priority. Should the child be uncomfortable, all the adult needs to do is signal the staff and they will halt the ride.
  • Q. Why do you have so many rules and regulations in all the areas?
  • A. The rides and regulations are in place because we understand that your child’s safety is of utmost importance and we want to ensure that whenever they visit us, they return back home with happy memories.
  • Q. Why are kids who are allowed to play bumper cars below 90cm with an adult not allowed to play bouncy cars?
  • A: These two rides come from a different manufacturer who has set different restriction, the restriction was created based on the risk category, design and movement of the ride.
  • Q. Why are the height restrictions on big rides so high?
  • A: Height restriction was set by the manufacturer and followed in the store. (Height restriction was set according to the design, movement/adrenaline of the ride)

Offers & Promotions

  • Q. I have a voucher for Fun City, can I use it in store?
  • A. If your voucher has not expired, you can use this at any Fun City outlet in India.
  • Q. Is the voucher valid on all games?
  • A. The voucher is valid on all games except Novelty.
  • Q. How many gift vouchers can be used?
  • A. A maximum of 5 gift vouchers can be used on a single transaction.

Birthday Party

  • Q. I want to celebrate my child’s birthday party. Can you please connect me with the right person?
  • A. Please send an email to info@funcityindia.com and one of our birthday party specialists will get in touch with you. Alternatively, you could check our party packages on www.funcityindia.com/birthday-packages for details.
  • Q. I want to book my child’s birthday party in Hyderabad. However, on the website, it shows that there isn’t a party hall. What do I do?
  • A. Please note that we have a package called Awesome party. This is without the use of the party hall due to the layout of the outlet but it has all the various activities to host a Fun City party. For more info please send an email to info@funcityindia.com and one of our birthday party specialists will get in touch with you. 
  • Q. Is there a minimum number of kids for a weekday birthday party?
  • A. Yes, during the weekday's there is a minimum of 10 kids. For weekend and public holidays, the minimum requirement is 15 kids. For more information please send an email to info@funcityindia.com and one of our birthday party specialists will get in touch with you. 
  • Q. Why is the party timing only for 2 hours max and what if it’s not enough?
  • A. The 2 hours party timing has been allocated with maximum allowance to accommodate the various activities and party hall program. Given that we host 3 parties in a day, we would then need to adjust for cleaning and set up. Additional timing can be booked in advance for an additional cost and would depend on the availability.
  • Q. Why isn’t the cake sponsored by Fun City during birthday parties?
  • A. Our guests have the freedom to bring their customized cakes from their preferred suppliers. This helps accommodate more and other inclusions in our packages that would enhance the party celebration.


  • Q. Why wasn’t I chosen as a winner for your social media contest?
  • A. We generally have a lucky draw that determines the winner. More exciting contests are coming up very soon and we wish you good luck next time!
  • Q. Hello, I work with "ABCD" magazine and would like to write a feature on Fun City. Could you please connect me with the right person?
  • A. Please send your request to info@funcityindia.com and one of our staff will contact you shortly.


  • Q. I would like to host a coffee morning for my Facebook group at Tridom. I've called them & they were supposed to return my call today, which hasn't happened yet.
    A. Thank you for contacting us. Please send your interest to info@funcityindia.com and one of our representatives will get back to you at the earliest
  • Q. My child is the right age to play on the rides and games however she is a little short. Why does the height matter in play areas even if my child is the correct age?
  • A. Because of the nature of the activities in the play area, adult supervision is required for kids of below 108cm while they play with other kids and guide them to each play is where they can take part in all activities and enjoy as a family. If the child needs to exit for food/ drinks/ washroom then they are accompanied by someone. The team operating play areas are experts in the activities and their role is to facilitate the activities ensuring children have fun while playing
  • Q. Who made these height restrictions? Are they approved by the government?
  • A. Height restriction is set by the manufacturer according to the design of the ride and to run the business with acceptable operation Municipality required us to follow what’s on the manufacturer’s manual this to ensure the safety of everyone.
  • Q. Why can’t my kids play if they have undergone a surgery/fracture. I will be with them and it’s my responsibility.
  • A. If the condition of the children prevent the use of the safety device we offer to try the other rides/games  wherein they will allow playing without harming their condition and we apply the safety guidelines in order for them to enjoy their experience
  • Q. Please check your system. It allows a kid to swipe many times and each time it deducts the money. My son lost more than Rs 500. Even the staff was not helpful. Please check and advise.
  • A. The system allows multiple credits on one machine to be applied because many of our customers like to play more than one credit at a time.
  • Q. Can you please let me know of your packages for children from a nursery?
    A. Please send us your contact details and our group bookings specialist will get in touch with you regarding all the details you need. Kindly send an email to info@funcityindia.com